100% Handcrafted Jewelry

Designed and handcrafted in house at our state-of-the-art studio headquartered in Hong Kong, each beautiful piece is custom-made to be as unique and authentic as you are. True artisanship comes from caring hands, not an assembly line, which is why our workshop always puts the quality, and more importantly, you, first.

In a charming little town, there exists a jewelry workshop named Oddig. Symbolizing "odd" and "unique," Oddig believes that every individual possesses a distinct beauty, and our mission is to help each person showcase their one-of-a-kind charm through exquisite jewelry.

The founder of Oddig is a creative and passionate designer who has traveled the world, drawing inspiration from various cultures and arts. She discovered that every place has its own unique aesthetics, and every person has a different story to tell. Thus, she decided to establish a brand that infused this diversity and individuality into each piece of jewelry.

Every piece of jewelry from Oddig is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, with every gemstone and thread of metal thoughtfully chosen. We are committed to delivering high-quality products that allow you to feel a unique texture and exquisite craftsmanship, regardless of the style of jewelry you choose to adorn.

Oddig — Unveiling the Beauty of Uniqueness

No matter the moment, a treasure from Oddig is an invitation to celebrate uniqueness. Since our inception, Oddig has been dedicated to offering our patrons exquisite jewelry pieces that mirror their distinct style and story, coupled with a wealth of industry knowledge and impeccable customer care. Whether you choose to explore our offerings in person or online, you can trust Oddig to guarantee the excellence of your acquisition and to ensure your shopping journey is one of utmost satisfaction.


The inspiration for Oddig's designs stems from cultures, elements of nature, and life stories from around the world. Our jewelry is more than just material possessions; it's an expression of emotions. Whether it's a necklace symbolizing love or a bracelet representing a spirit of freedom, each piece holds profound meaning, becoming an essential part of your life.

We also uphold the principle of sustainable development, striving to use eco-friendly materials and production processes to contribute to a beautiful future. We believe that true beauty doesn't solely come from outward appearances, but also from kindness and responsibility within.

Oddig aspires to be your go-to jewelry brand because we offer more than just jewelry; we're messengers of confidence, uniqueness, and beauty. You are warmly welcomed to join the Oddig family and become a part of our culture. Every piece of Oddig jewelry carries your story, serving as a special symbol in your life, enabling you to display your authentic self and pursue distinctive beauty.

At Oddig, each gemstone marks the beginning of a story. Let's collaborate in crafting your jewelry legend.